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How to Report a Claim

You deserve options. That's why we offer two convenient ways to file a claim. Anywhere, anytime.

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Ways to report a claim.

A quick claims process for talkers and typers.

By Phone

  1. Call us at (855) 216-9428
  2. A representative will ask questions about your loss and help you file the claim. Then, you'll get a text and/or email asking for estimates, photos, and videos that might help document your loss.
  3. Your Loggerhead Claim Representative will be on hand to answer questions and help investigate the loss.


  1. Log into your customer account and choose “File a Claim.”
  2. Answer the guided questions about your loss. You can upload estimates, photos, or videos to help document your loss.
  3. You'll be assigned a Loggerhead Claim Representative to answer your questions and work with you to investigate the loss.
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Claims FAQs

Some helpful answers to the claims process.

We ask that our policyholders report all losses to us. If you are another party to a loss, please call us at (855) 216-9428 to ensure a claim has been reported.
Initially, we need to communicate via phone to discuss your loss and how we will investigate. However, throughout the process we can also communicate via SMS text, email and letter. Let your Loggerhead Claim Representative know which channel works best for you.
Whether damage to your home, other structures or personal property, your Loggerhead Claim Representative will need to investigate how the damage occurred and how much it will cost to repair or replace the item(s). This can be done through a contractor, adjuster, or some other expert.
That depends on the type and severity of your loss. If smaller, we may be able to use photographs or video along with any estimates you receive to adjust your loss. If larger or more complex, we may need to inspect the damaged property by sending a contractor, claim adjuster or some other expert. Either way your Loggerhead Claim Representative will walk you through the process that best fits your loss.
Yes, certainly. Every policyholder has a duty to prevent further damage from occurring. This could include boarding up a broken window, tarping a leaking roof, fixing a leaking pipe, or removing standing water to prevent mold growth. Coverage to reimburse you for these steps to mitigate damage will be discussed by your Loggerhead Claim Representative.
Make sure to mention this when reporting your claim. Your assigned Loggerhead Claim Representative will explain the Loss of Use coverage in your policy and the different options available to your family. Please always save receipts for hotels, meals, animal boarding, etc.
If your loss involves theft or vandalism, please contact the police to investigate and hopefully locate suspects. Please ask for a copy of the police report and send it to your Loggerhead Claim Representative.
Ultimately you have the choice to select the contractor to repair your property. Should you need a recommendation, ask your Loggerhead Claim Representative who can connect you to a contractor network with fully credentialed contractors in your area.
Claims covered by your policy can be paid via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or check.

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