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We at Loggerhead are excited to provide a replacement offer for select Progressive Home policies. Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for you and your family.


Founded in 2022, Loggerhead Insurance is a Florida property insurer headquartered in Tampa, FL. Our team brings decades of experience in both top-tier service and the Florida property insurance market. That experience shows in our balance sheet and reinsurance program, which have earned a Financial Stability Rating® of “A” (Exceptional) from Demotech, Inc., a leading independent financial analysis firm.

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How does the replacement policy process work?

120 days before current policy expires

You’ll receive a nonrenewal notice from Progressive Home/ASI that will include an introductory letter from us.

90 days before your current policy expires

You’ll receive a welcome letter and quote summary in the mail from us.

Set up an online account

Easy-to-follow directions will be included on your Loggerhead letter.

Accept your policy offer

Review your quote summary and electronically sign your new Loggerhead policy documents.

Make a payment for your new policy

Via your new online account. Note: If your mortgage company pays for your policy, ensure the mortgagee information is correct on your documents. We’’ll bill your mortgage company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Progressive Home is taking steps in Florida to rebalance their overall property insurance portfolio. These actions include a focus on meeting the insurance needs of owner-occupied homes (i.e., no longer providing dwelling fire coverage for landlords/investors) and nonrenewing certain homeowners policies.

Most customers receiving a non-renewal will receive an offer from Loggerhead.

We will closely match the coverages to those in the expiring Progressive Home policy. Any material changes will be noted in your quote summary.

No, Loggerhead will notify your mortgage company and provide all required information. If your mortgage company pays your insurance premium, Loggerhead will send your invoice to your mortgage company for payment.

We recommend that you verify the accuracy of your mortgage company information and notify your agent if changes need to be made.

Yes, your replacement policy from Loggerhead will have the same agent as your expiring Progressive Home policy.

If you have a claim currently open with Progressive Home, your claim will continue to be handled by the Progressive Home claims team. Loggerhead will be unable to assist with claims filed with Progressive Home.

If your date of loss or damage is before your effective date with Loggerhead, please contact Progressive Home to submit a claim.

If your date of loss or damage occurred on or after your effective date with Loggerhead, call the Loggerhead Claims team at 855-216-9428.

Contact our Customer Service team at 855-216-9428.

Your home is our priority.

Contact us to learn more about what Loggerhead Insurance can do for you.

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