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Protection with
Loggerhead Shield

Firearm Insurance for Homeowners

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Accidents happen. So do break-ins.
Make sure you’re covered no matter what.

Loggerhead Shield

Beyond homeowners’ insurance, Loggerhead Shield is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for lawful self-defense, accidental discharge, lost or stolen firearm liability and firearm theft.

Do I need Firearm Insurance?

In the state of Florida, Firearm Insurance is not required for homeowners who are also gun owners. It’s an additional layer of protection for you and your loved ones.

So why opt for coverage? Part of responsible gun ownership is preparing for those unforeseen events, like accidental discharge, lawful self-defense, and firearm theft. Part of being prepared should include Firearm Insurance.

What is accidental discharge?

Accidental discharge occurs when a firearm discharges a round without the deliberate action or intention of the person handling it. Accidental discharges happen for various reasons, like a malfunction in the firearm, mishandling, or a lack of adherence to proper safety protocols.

It’s essential for every firearm owner to follow rigorous safety protocols, including keeping the firearm unloaded and away from ammunition when not in use, properly secured using a fiream safety device (eg. trigger, cable locks) AND stored in a locked container, and never pointing the gun at anything they do not intend to shoot.

Accidental discharges can lead to unintended injuries or property damage, which is why many responsible gun owners opt for firearms coverage when available.

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What are the potential legal costs of using a firearm?

It depends on the circumstances, but you might be liable for:

  • Criminal Defense: If your use of your firearm leads to criminal charges, you’ll incur legal fees for hiring a defense attorney.
  • Civil Liability: In instances where your use of a firearm results in harm to others, you might face civil lawsuits seeking compensation and incur legal fees for hiring an attorney.
  • Property Damage: If using your firearm results in damage to property, you may be held liable for damages and have to pay the associated fees for defending against those claims in court.

Legal costs can escalate quickly. Insurance coverage can help cover some of these expenses.

Get Loggerhead Shield

Loggerhead offers the most unique, comprehensive Firearm Insurance coverage in the state of Florida.


Layered protection, including...

Personal Firearm Liability and Property Damage

Criminal Defense Reimbursement

Benefits include:

  • Accidental discharge coverage
  • Hunting accident liability
  • Lost or stolen firearm liability
  • Lawful self-defense

†Coverage is subject to actual policy terms and conditions.


Liability protection plus firearm property...

Up to $50,000
Blanket Firearm Coverage*
*Provides up to $50,000 in coverage for firearm theft; subject to a maximum of $5,000 per firearm.

Up to $150,000
Scheduled Firearm Coverage**
**Provides up to $150,000 in coverage for firearm theft; subject to a maximum of $50,000 per firearm.

Benefits include:

  • Coverage for scheduled and unscheduled firearms, including collectible firearms
  • Coverage for firearm accessories such as optics, mounts and slings

†Coverage is subject to actual policy terms and conditions.

Get peace of mind and additional protection for your home.

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