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Our Story

How did Loggerhead hatch?

turtle swimming

Who We Are

It’s been tough for Floridians to find reliable homeowners insurance lately. We saw it firsthand — and we wanted to provide an alternative. So we gathered a knowledgeable team of Florida insurance experts to transform the way you experience insurance. In doing so, we created Loggerhead Insurance, which hatched in 2022.

So why the turtle?
We named ourselves after the loggerhead sea turtle — often found in Florida waters. The loggerhead is known for its strength, longevity, and protective shell.

Our mission is to be Florida’s premier coverage provider, so we hired a team of highly experienced insurance pros that love working with policyholders.

happy family walking along the beach

What We Do

Like a Loggerhead’s protective shell, we cover you and your home. We do that by giving you the perfect choice in coverage packages to meet your family’s unique needs and budget.

Once you’re covered, we keep things simple with an online customer portal that makes reporting a claim easy and hassle-free.

From there, our rapid response team gives honest, clear answers to your questions and assess claims with integrity and transparency. That way, you can save money and sleep easy.

You’re only as safe as your shell.

Browse our coverage options to see how we can help protect your nest.

Coverage Options