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Hurricane Mitigation

Loggerhead Insurance offers savings to policyholders whose homes are equipped with features that can prevent or reduce losses in the event of a windstorm.

Proof of installed loss mitigation features is required.
Discounts apply exclusively to the wind-related portion of your homeowners' premium.

Opening protection

  • Protection of your home’s openings (windows, doors, sliding glass doors, skylights, and/or garage doors) is the single greatest hurricane loss mitigation strategy for your home – ALL your home’s openings MUST be protected for this discount.

Roof Shape & Covering

  • Roof material and age determines your home’s eligibility for Hurricane Mitigation Discounts.
  • Gable and Hip roofs comprise more than 90% of Florida homes’ roofs, with Hip roofs qualifying for larger Hurricane Mitigation Discounts.

Roof-Deck Attachment

  • The most important feature of your home’s roof-deck is its attachment to the framing – not all roof-deck attachment types result in a discount.

Roof-to-Wall Connection

  • The fasteners used to transfer the loads from your home’s rafters or trusses to the top-plate or side-wall – not all roof-to-wall connection types result in a discount.

2001 Florida Building Code (FBC)

  • If your home was built after March 1, 2002, it was constructed to safety standards that typically result in Hurricane Mitigation Discounts.
  • If your home was built before March 1, 2002, you still may receive a discount if it has been retrofitted in conformance with the Windstorm Mitigation elements of the 2001 FBC.

Secondary Water Resistance (SWR)

  • This is an additional layer under your home’s shingles that provides a secondary level of water protection – note this does not include foamed-in-place spray foam insulations.
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Assessing your home’s hurricane risk and mitigating against it is a crucial step in protecting your home from the costs that follow severe storms and hurricanes. Budgeting for these upgrades now can save you money overall by qualifying for Hurricane Mitigation Discounts on the wind portion of your homeowners insurance.

Does my home qualify?